Wenhua IP video solution can help retailers of virtually any size leverage video to increase sales and operational efficiency by integrating magapixel IP Camera and/or NVS as well as smart software to do

-POS monitoring

-An extra pair of eyes on shoplifters


Wenhua IP video solution can help banking to create a safe environment for customers, tellers, and other staff and to reduce fraud and secure cash and other bank assets by providing industrial level video solution monitoring cashier's counters and remote ATM locations as well as other important sites.


Hospital security is a unique challenge when you consider the variety of people who visit the healthcare facility–patients, staff, vendors, physicians and visitors. On top of that, consider the difficulty of monitoring many different rooms, high-value equipment, accessibility to drugs, several buildings and ease-of-movement around the building and premises. Wenhua IP-based remote video surveillance and monitoring is revolutionizing the way hospitals and healthcare organizations protect their patients, staff, property and reputation.


When come to security, Hotels present a very diverse challenge, with large inviting reception areas easily accessible to the public, on-site car parking, goods entrances, multiple floors, lengthy hallways, bars and restaurants and, increasingly, convention facilities. Wenhua IP-based video surveillance and monitoring solution based on industrial level wired or wireless products can help hotels to keep their staff and customers safe and secure.


With excellent scalability, Wenhua IP video solution can secure many different types of locations, from perimeters and parking lots to large multi-building campuses. The system can manages thousands of cameras and enables you to monitor activity anywhere that impacts security and operational efficiency.

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